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E-Commerce For Facebook Live

Coming Soon (Q1 2020)

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I most love how the site is constantly evolving to fit the retailers needs! From the way it looks to the way it functions, it continues to work for us!

- Jamie

Shoppe Live is a new app where you can sell products on a live stream. Just download the app, connect your Shopify store, and start showing off your products through Facebook Live.



Sell Products on Facebook Live

Comment Tracking

Shoppe Live's natural language processing engine tracks Facebook comments in realtime and take's actions based on the result.

Order Creation

Shoppe Live takes sold comments (comments from viewers who want to buy) and generates orders in Shopify. When you finish your stream you will find each order neatly waiting for you!

On-Screen Product Info

Shoppe Live's scene editor allows you to show products from your inventory on the screen, display your brand logo, or any other custom graphics or text or animations.


Customize Your Look

Create beautiful stream experiences for your audience that show off your brand's own unique style.

Show information for products as you are showing them on stream.
Capture sales from comments in Facebook.
Customize the shape, graphics, colors, text & more.

Built by Shoppe

That I can run my business, be a mom, and work full time. When I started in the queue I was so anxious on how I was going to balance this without neglecting my kids and I never had to worry about it. Thank you for being so amazing.

- Maria


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